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Side Effect Management

Signifor® LAR (pasireotide) for injectable suspension

Treatment with Signifor LAR may lead to:

  • Hyperglycemia and diabetes
  • Suppression of pituitary hormones other than GH or IGF-1
  • Bradycardia and QT prolongation (slow heart beat or changes to the electrical system of your heart)
  • Elevations in liver function test
  • Gallstones (cholelithiasis)

Please see Important Safety Information for Signifor LAR below.

Increased blood sugar levels may occur with Signifor LAR treatment.

When Should My Doctor Check My Blood Sugar Levels?

 Before you start treatment with Signifor LAR

 While you’re receiving treatment with Signifor LAR

Managing Hyperglycemia

High blood sugar (or hyperglycemia) and diabetes are possible serious side effects of treatment with Signifor LAR. One important part of managing side effects is making sure your blood sugar levels are regularly checked.

Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

Tell your health care provider if you:

If You Get Hyperglycemia While Receiving Signifor LAR

Your health care provider may give you another medicine to lower your blood sugar. Your health care provider may also change your dose of Signifor LAR or advise you to stop receiving it.

Dealing With Hyperglycemia

It is best to be aware of the effects of hyperglycemia and for you and your doctor to have a plan in case you experience it. Here are some guidelines to help you be ready for the possibility of hyperglycemia and prepare your own management plan:

  • a plan for what to do if you experience hyperglycemia must be customized for your own individual characteristics
  • managing diet and exercise to keep your blood sugar under control is an important part of your management plan
  • your doctor should monitor your blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C to assess the effectiveness of the management plan on glycemic control and give you instructions to update your management plan

For additional information on other adverse reactions, please see the Important Safety Information for Signifor LAR.

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